[Votes] April 8-12, 2021

Hey all, with the new staking contract live today, proposing the following timeline for an optional staking migration and the next voting cycle next week from April 8th to 12th.

Thursday, April 1st to April 8th
Optionally migrate your staked AST or stake any AST you’ve been waiting to stake.

Thursday, April 8th
Staking migration ends and we propose that voting begins on the following AIPs:

  1. AIP 27 — Regular Cadence of Voting Cycles — Draft

Important notes:

  • These are DRAFT proposals and are likely to change prior to being called to vote on April 8th. Once they are called to vote their content is locked.
  • If you do not migrate your stake, you will be subject to the existing unstaking rules (10% per 7-day period) and your balance will continue to be used as the weight of your vote.
  • New staking rules: Your percentage available to unstake steadily increases over 20 weeks but is fully locked until the first 4 weeks have passed.

Monday, April 12th

Voting completes and AIP authors are rewarded.

Can I understand why we are combining 5 votes into 1 and effectively cutting down incentives by 1/5? This is also a lot to process in such a short time.

Now that the pools are large this will lead to fastest fingers problem again because we are combining 5 votes. Imo this is not a good idea.

If we are changing incentive model, albeit for once, it should still be put up for a vote.

Should set a minimum, not a strict time limit