Metamask exchange fees in $AST

I’m not the most technically competent person around blockchain. But I have the following proposal if it’s technically feasible.

In the MetaMask wallet swap function you need to pay fees in $ETH which is a drag because I’m never interested in buying ETH other than to be able to buy other coins.

So when I click the swap feature in Metamask I want all of the fees sorted out. Say I want to swap $LINK with my Bitcoin with the swap feature I should be able click the swap & the system goes & swaps it & goes & pays the necessary fees in ETH and tells me how much $LINK I get with the breakdown. Proceeds goes to $AST of course

Another option can be to be able pay all ETH fees in $AST.

Hi Dog,
for quick ideas its best to discuss them in the Discord chat first, you can ask other community members if something like this is feasible. Or visit the #aip-help channel in the Discord chat and ask for help with your AIP.

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Thanks, just getting acquainted

Might be challenging to implement.

  1. All these swap are built on the Ethereum network, which is why gas fees are paid in ETH
  2. To pay your gas fees in $AST, we would have to first convert $AST to $ETH (thus incurring additional gas fees).
  3. This additional cost would have to be estimated and added to the final quote which you see

And I think this level of simplicity is what normies are looking for. You should be able to pay for ETH gas fees with any currency & $AST can do all the work for them in the background.

Options should be:

  1. You can do it the old way by buying your own $ETH and paying gas fees

  2. Pay a little extra & let $AST do all the conversions for you

Which would create more demand for AST even though the user doesn’t specifically need to buy AST. It is your middle man :slight_smile:

@don to change AIP status to deferred. This idea hasn’t had enough community discussion. Furthermore, we believe that Ox tried something similar and it failed due to the complexity on implementation.