AIP 9: AirSwap Web Design

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Today’s AirSwap website at and branding across social media properties has not been updated meaningfully in about 18 months. Given the upcoming updates to the token and protocol, new governance system, and renewed energy in the community, we thought this a good opportunity to consider a new look and feel for AirSwap.


The most popular AirSwap logos have always been those found on AirSwap swag. Translated into a variety of languages (the most popular being Japanese, Korean, and Traditional Chinese), the logo below has held its own since the completion of the initial roadmap in May 2018.

By focusing on this style and embracing minimalism throughout, we propose to launch a new, simpler website at oriented around Trading, Building, and Voting. The delivery of the website should be timed alongside the delivery of other upcoming AIPs.


AirSwap needs a fresh look and our most popular logo makes a great start. We think with new proposals landing soon that there’s a good opportunity to minimize our design and orient the network brand around the logo that’s made AirSwap swag some of the coolest in the space.


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