AIP 8: AirSwap Principles

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The AirSwap mission is to empower the world with frictionless trade. Our community wins this mission by aligning on shared principles to drive the decisions we make and actions we take.


1) Design for simplicity

Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away. This is particularly true with blockchain based technology and applications.

2) Prioritize security

Our work is done in an adversarial setting. While blockchain requires users to take security into their own hands, they trust AirSwap to be designed and to operate in a secure way.

3) Decide with data

Drive decisions with data that matters. AirSwap performance indicators are trading volume, token holders, community engagement, and tokens used for governance.

4) Seek opportunity

Decentralized finance is abundant with opportunities small and large. Seek and prioritize opportunities that positively impact both AirSwap and the broader ecosystem.

5) Win together

Our community spans social media platforms across cyberspace and countries across the globe. We grow by both sharing responsibility and celebrating each success.


We believe decentralized governance starts with shared principles. This aligns AirSwap technology and community decision-making to best achieve the AirSwap mission.


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