AIP 42: Web App & AST Token on BSC


BSC is now the second most popular chain for blockchain tokens. Volume on BSC Dex is growing every day. AST token holders should also benefit from here. Currently AST token is only on the Ethereum network. With the expansion to Binance Smart Chain token holders will have a bunch of benefits. Liquidity, low gas fees, more market pairs, etc.

With this AIP I propose to issue 5M tokens on Binance Smart Chain & the upcoming AirSwap Web on BSC.


AirSwap Users will be able to Swap AST ERC 20 > Bep 20 > ERC 20. AirSwap Web Mirror on BSC which should generate more fees for AST Stakers.


  • More Users for AirSwap

  • Lower gas fees for users

  • More market Share/pair

Putting thoughts here from the Discord

  1. AST can already be bridged to BSC via, so we would not need to mint any AST on BSC
  2. If it is to market AST and AirSwap in general then I agree. We can definitely tap into other chains. Might be something worth exploring when our web app is live perhaps?
  3. Because of how RFQ works, we will also need to see if Makers are interesting in hosting a separate setup to quote for these other chains - perhaps we could setup OTC for these other chains

I also see the new trend of cross-chain swaps so this AIP could be edited to offer the development of AirSwap Cross-Chain but i guess it could be done not at this year.