AIP 40: Creation and funding of a marketing circle

This proposal consolidates AIP 36: Marketing


  • With the development of the web app from AIP 30 rapidly proceeding, we need to kickstart our marketing efforts to reach out to potential users of the app.
  • AIP 10 allocated 16.39M AST for marketing efforts over the next 3 years.
  • This AIP proposes to fund a marketing team by the creation of a Marketing circle using a portion of the AST treasury.
  • The marketing team will be responsible for creation and execution of the first marketing campaign which will introduce users to the new AirSwap web app. The marketing team will be rewarded in accordance to their individual allocations through Coordinape.


  • A marketing circle will be set up with the mandate to promoting AirSwap as a platform. The first mission of the marketing circle will be to increase user engagement of the new AirSwap web app.

  • The marketing circle should be seeded with 50,000 AST for the initial cycle to recruit marketers with future allocations to be determined dynamically for each epoch.

  • Disbursement of the funds will be allocated through Coordinape

  • The marketing circle will also be in charge of creating and judging marketing related bounties. Marketers may also execute these bounties as part of their work. In such cases, judgement of the bounty rewards should come from other members of the marketing circle.

Examples of bounties include

  1. Build or setup analytics to track user engagement from various marketing channels / campaigns
  2. Plan and liaise with various channels to run promotions / gimmicks (e.g. referrals / giveaways / airdrops) - such bounty proposals should be presented to the community before being implemented
  3. Developing the brand identity / tone / marketing language (slogan / catchphrase / meme contest?)


We need to start crafting marketing strategies to coincide with the launch of our new product. Funds should be used to onboard high quality marketers who understand the market, and who will be responsible for the creation and execution of marketing strategies for AirSwap.

The AirSwap treasury has set aside 16.39M AST for marketing purposes over the next 3 years. Seeding the marketing circle will be the first step in directing the use of this budget.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

I like the idea. But i think we need to increase the budget at least to 10k for the first cycle to stimulate people make a good marketing to the Web APP release.

Agreed. I think we need a higher amount for the launch of our web app. Have updated this amount.

I think a more general problem we need to discuss for the future - how do we decide / allocate marketing / dev / design rewards for future cycles? Same question which goes for the governance circle - how should we allocate treasury for this activity?

I think this is something that a few of us have discussed quite a bit so far. I don’t think we need an answer yet, but I hope its something that we can put forward as an AIP in the next month.

If you mean where should we get funds so the first cycles could be paid in AST to the actual rate on the payment date.

I think $10k worth of AST to be paid out this cycle is ok, but how do we decide for the future?

Do we need to set a configuration vote each cycle for how much to pay? I’m thinking if there is a way to link the funding to the performance of the platform. e.g. in the future we could allocate 10% of fees generated for dev work + a base amount from the treasury perhaps.

That way, everyone would be incentivised to grow the platform = more fees = more dev / marketing budget.

This is separate discussion from this AIP of course, just thinking out loud for the future.

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