AIP 36: Marketing

NOTE: This has been segmented from AIP 35 to be it’s own AIP focusing on MARKETING.

Define and build out a role of marketing director so to speak who will act as a marketing “bounty hunter”. Layout a roadmap and plan marketing objectives. Realize target “consumers” – makers, takers, swappers & ASTholders?

Top (surface?) level - SWAPPERS
Average consumer looking to swap tokens via Metamask? AirSwap Web3 app?

Mid level - TAKERS
Brave partnership? Wallets? Banks?

Bottom level - MAKERS
Liquidity providers running AirSwap servers. Banks? Big Money?

Development level - AST HOLDERS
Staking and governance ← where we are now.
Who is our audience here? Developers?


  • Promotional materials for various campaigns targeting audiences.
  • Allocating budgets for paid advertisements within the Brave browser. (25 million crypto users using Brave at the moment)
  • How-To Stake Video Tutorial with Animations? (See: Coinbase examples)
  • Influencers - YouTube? Twitch? Discord? Twitter? Instagram?
  • Photo or Videoshoots
  • Hosting meetups & events in cities across the globe. Plan a one-sheet for ANY AirSwap event to adhere to. “Rules of Conduct” so to speak.
  • Centralized Marketing Decks & Materials – Google drive centralized with ALL marketing materials, logos, links, one-sheets, etc that ANYONE and EVERYONE can have public access to for quick and easy sharing to Press, Media, Investors, etc.

I am pulling this from memory please correct me if i’m wrong or direct me to the correct source –
3.5 million AST over 3 years?

CREDITS: @candiceb @aaaaaaaaaa

I don’t think any of this is really in-line with the Request for Creativity bounty system that passed the last voting cycle (AIP 29) and implemented just over a week ago. I think you should read AIP 29 again and also visit the bounty page at Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

A lot of what you are suggesting either already has a defined mechanism for rewards or is currently covered by the AirSwap coordinators.

Remember the bounty system is a ‘pull system’. Community members do things and then submit a bounty request. You can of course contact the coordinators for feedback on ideas to help make them viable (ie. mobile app from grey pixel or the current web app development) - but ultimately you need to produce something or do something that makes an impact to receive a reward. If you head to the bounty page you can see the ‘impact matrix’ used to assess impacts/rewards.

If you make promotional material that has a positive impact on the project that would be bounty worthy. Currently, you can earn up to 100,000 points for successful/high impact activities like this.

If someone introduces AirSwap to high impact connections/people/makers/etc there is a category in the bounties to rewards up to 100,000 points.

Make a video - if a lot of people watch it then submit a bounty claim.

Not sure what you’d want to do here. But in general, care must be taken on how AirSwap is marketed. This is a utility token.

Currently, its a small community and well COVID. But in the future there is a bounty category that covers organizing social events.

We can probably just make that public on Notion.

It’s no secret I think over the medium-to-long term AirSwap needs to switch from an AST based treasury to one using a portion of revenues. I think eventually a ‘war chest’ needs to be created to fund high-end development and possibly marketing or marker incentives, integrations etc. When this happens AirSwap will take a big step towards being financially self-sustaining - a major milestone in a defi journey. So basing a marketing ‘budget’ on a treasury system that I think we are probably going to move away from isn’t the right move in my opinion.

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