AIP 35: Communications

This has been edited and honed down to just COMMUNICATIONS – MARKETING has been segmented out to AIP 36


We need to govern the administrative and moderating abilities of those who hold power in the form of a discord host / manager / governing group. Right now it seems to be falling on Don (personally I think he should be doing bigger and better things and this responsibility should not fall on him alone.) This governing role should work to ASSIST Don and other project managers and coordinators while representing members of the community It will serve to amplify our internal communications and allow for more members to contribute with a more variety of skillsets.

@VladislavW provided me a great definition for the Discord Host:
“[A] role that allows for direct communications to the community, working with the community, and striving to build out our communications out as a whole. E.g. newbie onboarding, readily available info, and quality posts that develop discussions in the community where we lack critical engagement” I would like to add, as mentioned above, the role should work with and add value to project managers and coordinators.


  • Miscommunication issues.
  • Valuable key information lost in low bandwith communication. Such as the Metamask fee change, AIPs / Bounties / Work being overlooked, lack of education to new/unexperienced members on our own AirSwap Discord server and other features/bots/tools that we have at our disposal.
  • More value and added bandwidth in communication. Less road blocks, no muting and more collaboration as decided by the community.
  • Newbie friendly on-boarding. High level dev information translated to lower level accessibility.
  • A neutral body to listen to the community and help consolidate information and answer to the community. Some examples of this would be AMAs on specific projects, encouraging voice conversations, information compendiums, marketing compendiums.

(some for Discord host(s), some for additional bounties)

  • ** 2 Read-Only channels hosting links and important AirSwap information/guides** - 1 public, 1 for members only. Link examples - Link to Fee Pool, Dune Analytics, AIP discussions, Bounty applications, Bounty logs, Slope/Max drive spreadsheet, AirSwap marketing compendium (seperate marketing bounty, see: AIP 36), docs for makers/takers and anything else that may come up that gets lost in the sea of Discord channels.
  • Discord Bots - Some have already created some such as @greypixel and @sephrok - There are also already-made bots we can utilize in the server such as a POLL bot which ill explain more in footnote section.*
  • Discord Host could create new channels to create more bandwidth as AirSwap discord server evolves… opening up more opportunities for communication, valuable information to be collected and for more members to collaborate and work on projects.
  • Internal core meetings could be held inside the members portion of our Discord server in a stage voice channel so any member may jump in and have a listen to educate themselves on what’s going on. These would be listen only situations. A “voice-side-chatter” channel should be next to any voice channels for members who are listening in to add comments/questions/consolidate information and take notes. The voice meeting(s) could also be recorded and posted in a members only channel listing previous conversations so anyone may listen back on these at their own leisure.
  • Discord Host should encourage casual meetups in the voice channels and help educate the community on the Discord / AirSwap discord server to help encourage more collaboration and communication as well as find more value in everyone’s various communication styles. Some of these can be scheduled in advance with previously agreed upon topics to discuss. Perhaps a Voice Meeting schedule? Whoever is leading the topics could chose the time convenient to their timezone. (Personally if I were in this position of Discord Host i’d personally try to host at least 1 casual voice meetup per week.)
  • Access to using @members and @coordinators to alert specific roles of community defined activity. I.e. the community could chose to be alerted every time there is a voice meeting planned in advance. Users can set their own notification settings so there is no worry of bothering users who don’t want to be bothered with this.
  • "Zoom Meetings" can be moved to Discord for internal meetings. The Voice Channels can be used to function the same as ZOOM except more members can easily access it and visualize when a meeting is actually happening.

Many of these tasks would take constant updating, tweaking and action based on community involvement for the Discord Host to keep up on.

The Discord Host may not act upon any of these things without involvement from the community.

I believe @CryptoHamilton is already handling this communication channel?

This AIP can evolve beyond simply Discord or Twitter or whatever other methods we deem to fall under communication – though that would eventually fall into the MARKETING AIP. That would be up for more collaboration from members and the community to define this ^^

This AIP is meant to be more about INTERNAL communication but could branch to some EXTERNAL as well. Some ways we could see this evolving – More public development meetings hosted on YouTube or Twitch (once we have more front-end product(s)) as brought to my attention by @aaaaaaaaaa – Apparently Ethereum developers do this already. This would be more PUBLIC communications to draw investors, or consumers or makers, or whatever demographic we are targeting.

There are a few minor expenses for some of the bells and whistles that would go along with this proposal (i.e. MEE6 bot or python server hosting bots) – i’m willing to eat some of the minor fee(s) if there are any from the reward from this AIP.

@sephrok compiled Discord bots which need to run on a python server (currently off my computer) which we could implement into the AirSwap Discord server to watch the price of Gas, AST, ETH or any values we can pull from data sources. Ideas of values to have on display in the Discord server at all times ---- 24h fee volume? Last AirSwap fee processed? Current Fee Pool total value? How many MAKER servers are currently online <— if this number goes DOWN an alert should be made for us to act upon to check integrity of our maker servers.

The MEE6 bot is a great investment for Discord to track memberships and keep things secure. A lifetime plan is like $89. I’m fluid with the bot and could make the onboarding into Discord a better experience for users providing them more information and more interactive experience coming into the server. There is much more functionality the MEE6 bot adds as well which we could experiment over time as needed.

A basic POLL bot can be activated and used in the server as a way to CASUALLY poll that can be used as a basic resource resulting in valuable information to be added to AIP productions.

Discord STAGES can be used to host important team meetings. Anyone can colaborate and use the stage channel to allow other community members to jump in and listen. A “side-voice-chatter” channel can be used to consolidate info from the voice channel and recordings can be posted in a members only section for anyone to listen to at their leisure and provide their own commentary on.

CREDIT: @don @aaaaaaaaaa @Junkshot1 @VladislavW @candiceb

As we discussed in discord #general in about 24-48 hours I will be editing this AIP down to just COMMUNICATIONS and creating a new AIP for Marketing to seperate them out.

@candiceb recomended that it is too early to be voting on Marketing and she will post more details here.

I believe this proposal is a good one but the timing is not right.

Atm, we are still working on our web app and it means we dont have a complete project/product to do is very difficult to select someone for such role without getting some proposals from individuals and vote on who will fit into it.

However, communication in discord with member is perhaps a role we can look at since we are all around the world with different timezone and we do have lots of questions from new members or current one to answer. It is important to perhaps have someone who can neatly organise discord, section it and manage it and communicate with members.

I think the coordinators are doing great atm about communicating whenever they can. However, there are time that perhaps, noone is around because of timezone and because of all the important meetings .

Noone can be on 24/7 tho…! What will the communation role do to fix this issue? I would like to hear that

Very good points, thank you @candiceb ! –

Over the next couple days i’ll do my best to hone my ideas down into this COMMUNICATIONS proposal and layout how I envision using Discord as a tool that will amplify our communication efforts and allow it to work on it’s own 24/7 as a community.

After-all this is a community project and just because 1 person goes to bed does not mean the project stops working.

I went ahead and started AIP 36 for MARKETING

Once folks have a chance to read this AIP(35) over and comment i’ll start honing it down to just a COMMUNICATIONS AIP

Notes: Instead of reimbursing for any costs … whoever the Discord Host is could just absorb / own the costs as long as they are claiming bounties or receiving credit for this AIP as an example.

I.e. i’m happy to purchase a lifelong MEE6 bot package for the AirSwap server if I am to be nominated to this role. I consider it an investment.

Python Developers! Anyone want to collaborate on what i’ve started with the Discord bots?

Using the foundation / framework setup i’m confident we can visualize KPIs and stats of our choice inside the AirSwap server for quick reference… trading volume, whether servers are online/offline, perhaps a “last trade fee” that rotates and updates everytime there’s a fee collected? Just throwing ideas out there.

I agree with both 35 and 36 being individually proposed.

35 - The overall intent here, is paramount. I feel led by and for a greater understanding of what needs to occur when a newbie (especially), or someone with potentially, much greater influence visits and experiments with all the current offered tools we have active, but in incredibly varied places. (Opportunities for sharing and categorizing in this area)

  • How does the user experience feel immediately upon entry? Are they cast into an oblivion of events in #General and has to wait/understand… Or should it be a “welcome badge”… to Airswap! We invite questions from all backgrounds, including but limited to price discussion etc…

If you’re an avid crypto user-- go here xxx
If you’ve never been, heard or used Crypto— go here xxx

I know from experience, this can be all daunting, without a lead-hand.

Once that new user is occupied and becomes comfortable with exploring as well as even grasps the many complexities of AirSwap…as we all know it takes an abundance of time, we can then visualize that those users would propagate and recommend to others purely out of their reasoning of why it’s successful and the community is growing!

Having a role/coordinator in this position provides relevance, and articulates what many of us have had to do and provide, but those steps sometimes interrupt our train of thought/projects active…and those answers have become trivial to us.

I’d also like to formally appoint/nominate @sephrok into a higher role that allows for direct communications to the community, working with the community, and striving to build out our communications as a whole. E.g. newbie onboarding, readily available info, and quality posts that develop discussions in the community where we lack engagement.

Hi @sephrok - Sorry for the late reply, seems like this has been sitting for ten days. I can see reasons why we might need a communications manager in the future. However - in my opinion - I don’t think we’ve reached that stage just yet with AirSwap. It’s not a high priority/focus area at the moment. Furthermore, I think a lot of what you are proposing here is already captured by the bounty system.

If you read here you can see how the Request For Creativity bounty system works: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

You can also read AIP 29 for more information.

  1. Discord - This could be covered in the following bounty categories: Awareness and Education, Community Tools and Engagement, Community Vibe and Experience

  2. Marketing - This could be covered in the following bounty categories: Awareness and Education, Community Tools and Engagement, Community Vibe and Experience

  3. Future - This could be covered in the following bounty categories: Networking and Introductions


This could be covered in the following bounty categories: Awareness and Education, Community Tools and Engagement, Community Vibe and Experience

In short, I think there is a mechanism already in place to reward exactly these types of community engagement activities - the Request For Creativity bounty system.

I have given this AIP a complete overhaul segmenting MARKETING to AIP 36 and honing down this AIP 35 to only COMMUNICATIONS taking into account the contributions thus far.

Please re-read the AIP if you are coming back in to this point :slight_smile:

I think again a lot of the activities/tasks you are proposing are covered in bounties and furthermore AIPs aren’t intended for this type of submission. AIPs are for governance mechanisms and project proposals - where the best ideas compete for investment and the best teams compete to implement them.

I don’t think AIPs are the correct mechanism for nominating oneself for a role within AirSwap. You don’t bring high functioning collaborative teams together through voting who should have a role.

Lastly, I think the general premise is wrong. At this moment i don’t think communication or collaboration is bad. Actually i think its pretty good. Take a look at the link below for the weekly summary. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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^^ This is a prime example of a question that our AirSwap Discord server could answer without hands-on communication work. These examples happen multiple times a day.

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The current person in charge of our communication permissions in Discord isn’t allowing me to complete some of the proposed bounties, hence this becomes more of an issue than just a nomination. This is nothing personal against them – this AIP is meant to provide a solution and not isolate a problem.

Since March 9th I began this project by chatting with Cryptohamilton.

Since April 4th I began working on it with Don in direct messages on most of the tasks I have listed in this AIP.

Since April 7th i’ve been going back and forth with Don on a couple bots I have compiled and already up and running in a test discord server I created (which I showed Don) to show proof of work as directed by Don. It wasn’t until I brought this up a couple days ago that he finally allowed me to turn one on in the server and show it, before minutes later it was turned it off. (or rather pushed down into the members list) Since this date I was asking for collaboration as well to show other data sets that we may want displayed in the server. Now that the bot is running in the server I can act on it being a collaborative project with the community ! Which I have started in #developers

Since April 14th i’ve been asking for permissions to create a channel (or he could create the channel for me) so I am able to create the READ ONLY informational channel with LINKS / IMPORTANT INFORMATION etc. ← this would be a bounty I assume?

Since then Don has used many of the features I recommended and showed him in mock discord servers I created to start blocking some communication channels, without opening up others. Also directing me to “stop talking” when responding to questions and discussions about this topic – some of which directed specifically at me. Basically acting as sole owner of our communication channels without any involvement or direction from the community?

As it stands now I am not able to perform or execute many of the things that I have been lead to believe I could perform as bounties. If this is the route than the communication channels need to be opened so we can make progress — and also let the community drive some of these project(s).

In summary I believe this does require action and governance from the community.

It would be better to eliminate all the personal chats with whoever and create bounties for community to vote on.

Thats why community passed bounties for.

I am personally not interested who chatted to whom but some sort of bounties and proposals that community had a look and vote yes for it to go forward.

I would vote yes on communication but no to nomination.

As a community, why would one nominate one without knowing them personally because it is a huge responsibily?

If we make a role, we publish it and people vote yes or no on that role. Then open for applications and vote.

If one wants to do certain activitity, submit abounty and just do that one. When the activity is done, their work is done and rewarded.

According to how it lays out in discord, i feel the passion of sephak but i am not sure if you really just want to help Don and the team. They are there. They can set all the schedule, create chat and their communication is fine. They have been working on notion. Summary of weekly note is very easy to do.

Everyone knows we vote every 3 weeks or they should know. It is just easy to say we have chat every week at certain time etc.

Another concern i have is that you said you wanted to be a host or you wouldnt want to invest the fund someone else invested with you. Your work cant be go unrewarded.

Then it goes on about all the bot stuff between you, Don and Harmony etc.

As a member, i dont want to hear or know. This bot should have been discussed in the group with the community.

It seems like you put a huge effort in getting a certain role in airswap but for me, if you want to help, you can help without getting discord permission. If it is to help Don, he has mentioned they are handling fine.

I see few members are active atm to discuss things on discord. New members come, they are welcome and direct to certain place for info. I dont get why there is such huge argument going on everyday about this role.

Is it what we need right now? It is putting me off real bad. I want to discuss web-app, development for airswap, etc. I dont want to discuss about someone is good for this or that role or we urgently need this role. We urgently need airswap web.


Valid points @candiceb thank you!

I have removed the idea of Nomination and am focusing this AIP directly on governing the “power”, “administration”, or “moderation” of the Discord server.

We may need to discuss further and hone it down more… nothing is set in stone and this is all part of the process of discussion.

Thanks to everyones contributions and suggestions I feel we are distilling this down to the fact that there are some communication issues / permissions that do require governance and action from the community and not just 1 person.

I only nominated myself if that idea would carry some weight with the community, i thought it was a good idea! I am not the only one solely nominating myself, others have posted publically and contact me as well to discuss and define. Ya’ll have created great argument to slightly change my thoughts. I am less interested in reward or being the discord host and more interested in solving some of the issues we are facing and amplifying our communication, opening up bandwidth channels for our internal team/members and ridding of any type of muting or sole-proprietor style decision making and segway into a more community driven/governed system representative of everyone collaborating together on this project.

My gut feeling is to change the verbiage of “Discord Host” to “Coordinators” and any action taken on any communication channel/permission/rule/exception must be driven by the community and proposed and/or discussed in open forum before any changes or anything is applied.

Ideas to discuss before i throw them into the AIP:

A channel or two in the members section: #discord and/or #communication as well as a POLL bot should be installed to allow for us to vote on any kind of permission / role / channel / bot changes. Polls can easily be called and referenced for ongoing decision making so that no one person will be at the center of any kind of conflict and the community can decide as a whole on things.

For lack of a better analogy I can think of … Imagine the idea of a fireing square of 10 guns with 9 fake bullets and 1 real so no one really knows who took the real shot. I don’t mean for this analogy to be so negative or life threatening, I apologize :stuck_out_tongue:

Added an idea for internal zoom-style meetings to be held instead in our Members Discord area. Voice channels can be setup to act like Zoom with the same functionality except it also visualizes to our community when there’s action and someone members may be able to jump in / out at their leisure to listen in or comment in a side-chat channel.

Addendum, to my previous post.

The notable issue with communication as a whole over text, is lost in translation, both by the sending and receiving party.

Some feelings get misconstrued. Other thoughts get humorously twisted. And don’t get me started on using a smart phone’s audio-texting tool which can make matters worse. I’ve sent several texts by speaking into my phone’s microphone, which have mangled my words beyond logical recognition.

This is magnified within Discord, due to the very nature of crypto in general and its volatility.

Similarly, it can be from poor punctuation. Or from being rushed or distracted. Or from being too brief with a response. Having a healthy discussion is paramount. We’ve seen the ebb and flow recently of our primary players and masters of domain if you will, take time out of their day to enact on needs of the community. We now are seeing changes needed to better enrich our community via proper care within its comms. With a larger audience, there should be a buffer, I feel in who takes care of those responses.

To me personally, I’d even say let Don work more aside from Discord, as chief…and let the community drive home the answers. I see this as a need, as side chats go unanswered, and short answers that reveal contempt are better left unsaid.

Can you elaborate a bit on how you are understanding this as an example? To me, it looks like an instance of how the current system is working well: a newcomer interested in AirSwap asked a question, and someone with the answer replied promptly (within 5 minutes!). What do you see as the problem here? And in what way would a system with the Discord host work differently?


Hey zzew12

We go over this quite a bit more extensively in the voice conversation we had in discord:

In short – the daily questions I see coming in from both EXTERNAL new guests/enthusiasts/investors coming into the server as well as INTERNAL members can be answered without someone needing to search for and then copy/paste a link every single time. Though this is great for community interaction we shouldn’t be relying on this. Someone may come into the discord, ask a question, not recieve an answer in 5 minutes and leave never to return.

Having the READ ONLY channels I have been looking to implement would have all of these links, answers to commonly asked questions (FAQs), AirSwap “bookmarks” so to speak and anything else we wanted immediately displayed and accessible to anyone and everyone at all times within the Discord server with 0% chance of the information getting lost in conversation or spam or what have you.

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