AIP 28: AIP voting mechanism improvement


Goal is to increase the value of future AIPs, avoid reward speculations and create the AIP schedule. The proposal is to improve the current voting process and make it scheduled and two staged. All future AIPs have to be “nominated” and receive the basic community support before putting to vote schedule.


At the beginning of each month all new AIPs have to be putted to the nomination voting. In case we have multiple AIPs ready, a nomination vote will help to create the voting schedule.

Nomination voting process is similar to the configuration voting (when members vote according to their voting power but nobody receives the claiming point for it) with “yes or no” options in case we have one AIP ready or with AIP name options in case of multiple AIPs ready to vote. The option for AIP nomination vote to pass is a minimum required voting power support in the amount of 10% of total staked voting power. The minimum pause between AIP cycles should be set to 1 week. In case if multiple AIPs pass the nomination vote so the voting cycles have to be scheduled as 1 week 1 vote. The first AIP to be voted should be that which received the biggest support in nomination vote and then subsequent ones who gained more than 10% support etc.


We create a voting schedule and avoid the future reward speculations because of the community growth and also reward amount growth because of the AST price volatility.

Also we increase the value of future AIPs to be written more qualitatively and we help them pass some basic censors and receive more replies before voting.


According to the proposal we had in AIP 25 we keep the opportunity for anyone to become a valued AirSwap contributor and write the AIP while solving the problem of low-quality AIPs and rewards speculations.

We also create a voting schedule that will help make the system more stable and predictable.


Thanks to astholder, aaaaaaaa and zzew12 for their contributions to this AIP

Copyright — All proposals are public domain via CC0.

The coordinators believe this they are already fulfilling this role. Furthermore, it not a great idea to vote on what should be voted on. This will do several things - firstly, it will lead to ‘campaigning rather than collaborating in the discord channel’. Secondly, if this was implemented there is a good chance the community would vote to have AIPs going to vote that we at AirSwap cannot implement in a reasonable timeframe. @don to change status to deferred.