AIP 15: Incentivise Improvement Proposals (Author Incentive)


In order to foster AIPs we suggest a reward system that incentivises the creation of high quality proposals. This reward system should compensate authors for their efforts in the form of sAST (staked AST) rewards from the treasury.


A balance of at least 1000 sAST is needed for an AIP submission for voting to be made.
If the AIP is voted on and rejected a reward of 2000 sAST is paid out by the treasury. If the AIP is voted on and accepted a reward of 5000 sAST is paid out. The reward can be shared with coauthors by setting the amount before submission.


  • A reward system could lead to greater participation in the creation of AIPs and thus move the project forward at a more rapid pace
  • The minimal requirement of staked AST should prohibit spam to a certain degree. The possible introduction of a quorum of votes needed for reward payout can be added later
  • Since writing proposals is more often than not a collaborative effort the rewards can be shared. The author who submits the proposal can set the amount and who to share with based on the honor system
  • The reward amount can be adjusted by AIP if the community sees a need for it

Note: This AIP retroactively applies to previously voted on AIPs.

Thanks to aaaaaaaaaa, dmosites, CryptoHamilton, Igor D. for their ideas and help


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

Is there any way to take a vote on this forum? If so maybe an AIP is considered for submission if a forum vote threshold is reached (say 50%). This vote would be 1-1 with a username on this forum (i.e. not token weighted). It’s not perfect but this could serve as a anti-spam mechanism for the AIPs. My major concern with the above proposal is spamming AIPs just to receive the 2k tokens.

Maybe it’s something to be added later if spamming is a real issue.


Seems like proposals are still manually managed at the moment so not a huge cause for concern. Spam proposals will not be able to make it into voting. But ideally we could use a simple quorum on yes votes to determine the 2k payout.

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